View Full Version : Can not install SPTD/DTools

24.06.2008, 11:34

I've purchased your product, Daemon Tools, but can not install it as SPTD subsystem doesn't want to come up.
After SPTD installation I every time get this 'Can not validate install' message. I tried deleting SPTD keys from registry, tried installing it in diagnostic mode.
My PC is HP nc6400 laptop with WinXP SP2 (ver 2002).
SPTD support keeps silence and doesn't want to help , so please
provide me a support with program installation.
Or refund, if you're unable to provide support.

25.06.2008, 15:54
A few possibilities to try.

Try installing SPTD 1.56 (http://www.duplexsecure.com/downloads).
Try disabling your AV/anti-spyware software.
Try installing in Safe Mode.

25.06.2008, 15:58
I tried deleting SPTD keys from registry

Could you tell us which SPTD keys exactly you tried to delete and if deletion was successful?

26.06.2008, 01:15
I need help with finding A version of DT that is compatable with windows vista anyone know what versoin i shoud use?:confused::confused:

26.06.2008, 10:38
The latest DT 4.12.3 is compatible with Vista 32/64bit.