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25.06.2008, 20:36
I been using daemon tool for quite sometime .. after formating my computer i installed daemon tool and i totally forget to uncheck the daemon tool bar box. i read a few post about removing the tool bar.... the WhenU or the toolbar is not on my add/remove program i have been looking at the list a few times...now i tried uninstalling daemon tool through clicking the uni.exe... but the toolbar is still on my browser can i know a way to totally remove the toolbar form my computer ...

The Installation File i Download is a recent one DaemonTool Lite :
daemon4123-lite.exe <<< this the installation file

please i really need help on this. i have tried various method and been looking at the add/remove program a couple of times and even installed "Your Uninstaller! 2008" and still no trace of uninstalling the toolbar...

thanks in advance , all help is appreciated..ty very much

26.06.2008, 13:50
In case you mean DAEMON Search provider, you can remove it with your internet browser functionality. It is not in Add/Remove programs, but in your explorer options.

26.06.2008, 20:06
internet browser functionality? the "toolbar" appears in my morzilla firefox too.. sorry not very good at this kind of stuff ... can u explain how to remove it in details?