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Sir Joe
26.06.2008, 00:38
Ok, first post, possibly starting with a stupid question, sorry.
But I have searched in forum and faq, and found nothing.
So, the DaemonUI which I found under downloads, is not included on the main download of Daemon Tool Lite?

26.06.2008, 13:43
DaemonUI provides a graphical user interface for Daemon-Tools 2.41(or newer) CD-Emulation Software.
This is 3rd Party Addons for V4-Series.

In case you need DAEMON Tools Lite software, you can download it from here (http://www.disc-tools.com/download/daemon)

Sir Joe
26.06.2008, 20:36
Yes, this was relatively clear, but for example, languages packs are downloadables, and are 3d party addon too, but I found them already in the program, or at least, there is the italian language.
Does this UI add something more respect to what is in the lite?
for example some transparencies? (I am using aero on Vista, and the trasparent bar with above this solid light blue of daemon is quite strong...)