View Full Version : W2k SP4 + v4.12.3 : BSOD at reboot after first step of install

27.06.2008, 15:14

I just installed v4.12.3 on a W2k SP4 laptop. The install started, installed a driver, and I got a message telling "Need to reboot system, install will go on after reboot". So I let the system reboot.

Problem is that it is now unable to boot at all. Even safe mode, debug mode, ... I tried them all. Each time, I get a "KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" BSOD, and system hangs.

I looked around on this board and elsewhere, read about SPTD problems (btw, I have not seen any warning during the boot process about that and the ESC key to be pressed - in which mode am I supposed to get that?). So I put the HDD in another box, and deleted sptd.sys. It didn't change anything, system still hangs the very same way.

So, how can I get the thing to boot again? I have the HDD in another pc to deal with it.

Thanks in advance!

27.06.2008, 22:02
Could you post a minidump here (you have to upload the file to file hosters like megaupload or rapidshare). You can find the minidumps in "windows\minidump" folder.

You will see the thing with ESC when booting into safe mode.