View Full Version : Just installed D-Tools and nothings happening

28.06.2008, 15:01
Hey, I just installed the program and mounted an .iso onto it, and then nothing happens, it should start installing a program. Any suggestions?


28.06.2008, 21:13
It is possible AutoPlay is deactivated. And when you do a double click in windows explorer on virtual drive, what does happen?

29.06.2008, 17:32
Nothing, the computer makes a noise the loading cursor comes up, and after 3mins its idle.. Also, when i mount the .iso i get the option of autorun, and when i select it - again a little noise and nothing happens.

02.07.2008, 23:10
Sounds like you should rip the files from the ISO into a hard disk folder with a program like ISObuster. But something is wrong, broken ISO image or some CD-related problem like upper or lower filters.

05.07.2008, 16:55
o rite, well i've now unpacked it using isobuster which has given me access to all the files like the setup.exe but when i then try and run these executables nothing happens. Any clues?

07.07.2008, 20:15
Anything??? :( :confused:

08.07.2008, 07:09
I would copy or burn the files to a disc then try them on another machine. Either your windows installation is busted or the files on the disc have problems or are not meant for your windows version (example: very old games from windows 98 may not even respond or do anything when you try to run setup.exe in WinXP)

a) bad files on the disc
b) something wrong with your PC