View Full Version : Uninstalled Daemon tools and drives are still present

28.06.2008, 21:58
ok a long time ago i installed daemon tools to mount Rise of Nations:Rise of Legends, but after i mounted, installed, and burned it on a disk, i then uninstalled daemon tools but after, i noticed that my drives were still there but back then i didnt really think of it as a problem, so i left it alone until now when i bought CNC 3 bundle pack, i installed the original...worked perfectly...then i installed Kanes wrath, and when i go to play it, it says conflict with emulation software...so do you think the drives are causing the problem and if it is how do i fix this problem?:confused::confused::confused:

30.06.2008, 15:46
Download SPTD standalone installer (http://www.duplexsecure.com/downloads) and run it, then choose Remove when prompted. That should get rid of the virtual drives.

Though be aware that this will affect any other software that uses SPTD (if - for example - you also have Alcohol installed). In that case, check the "Common problems and solutions" forum.

02.07.2008, 04:06
ok i installed it but nothing happens all it says is UPDATE...UNINSTALL...CANCEL

and when i press one it says to reboot, so i reboot but nothing happens

03.07.2008, 03:17
After choosing Uninstall and rebooting the computer, the SPTD driver/service should be removed from your computer. That's all it does.

You can verify that it's gone by (for example) checking whether the file sptd.sys exists in the folder %windir%\system32\drivers (%windir% represents your Windows directory, for example C:\WINDOWS).