View Full Version : Windows Recovery Screen on Vista x64 SP1

30.06.2008, 01:06
First of all excuse me for my terrible english, i'm from Russia.

So my problem:

I've installed Daemon tools with SPTD drivers. I've tried a lot of versions of SPTD driver, but every time i install it "Windows Recovery Screen" (screen which appears after system errors, with variants: "soft mode" "last known conf" "normal start") appears every windows start. So when i whant turn on my computer i have to choose "normal start" and press Enter.

I can't say that it is very difficult, but enother side it's not very convinient.

So can i do something to fix this error?

30.06.2008, 14:00
My computer is Asus G2sg notebook. Exept daemon tools i use Nero 8 for disc recording.

Version of SPTD drivers 1 56. But i've try 1 50 too.

As antivirus i use Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Secure.

Driver i've installed from Administrator account.

If i use add some additional information tell me :)

10.07.2008, 13:30
Did you mean Blue Screen?
In case it was BSOD, please send dump file from "C:\Windows\minidump" to support team.

10.07.2008, 18:48
How long does it take until your system crash? After 1 hour, or while playing a game, or instantly after reboot you crash and can't even browse the web or use the computer for anything because of the crash?