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Black Hawke
01.07.2008, 20:27
:confused:ok I'm confused. I went to the games database and clicked on links for info and it goes nowhere??? it keeps saying explorer cannot display page/images any ideas?

01.07.2008, 22:01
You meant the Game Database which contains copy protections of the games or game review site? Both is working here.

Try deleting your browser cache and/or try another browser like FireFox or Opera.

01.07.2008, 22:01
hmm, no problems here, at least for the game-database...

Which location you mean exactly? The gamedatabase here on
our page?

Or the game-reviews site? Because I see that you posted in the
game-review-section, so I assume you have a problem with
the reviews site? (which btw works for me flawlessly, too)??

So can you be more exact, it would be helpfull if you can just
post a link to the site that isnt working for you, many thanks
in advance!