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02.07.2008, 04:51
I've try to mount an image that containing non-unicode char (Japanese). Then Deamon report: Unable to mount image. Invalid WAVE format. (APE file with that CUE is normal, I can play it in Jetaudio).
Please help!!!!

(I'm VietNamese, i'm not good in english ^^)

02.07.2008, 06:17
Your Daemon Tools version?

02.07.2008, 22:56
Compressed audio inside cue file is not supported. You need PCM 44.1 kHz stereo WAV. Some programs create CUE files with MP3 or OGG or other formats but DAEMON Tools can't use them.

I found this thread via forum search function: APE support!

03.07.2008, 05:52
My Daemon Tools is 4.10

04.07.2008, 02:50
Continue the discussion in the linked thread or make a new thread if you are not using APE format.