View Full Version : Cannot install D-Tools "Platform not supported"

04.07.2008, 18:42
I get a message "The platform is not supported" when I try to install daemon4091-x86.exe.
I run a :
MS WIN Server 2003 R2
Standard X64 Edition
Service Pack 2
Intel Xeon 5130

What is the issue?

04.07.2008, 23:49
Install 4.12.3.

04.07.2008, 23:52
The filename you mentioned: daemon4091-x86.exe means x86 only, in more recent versions of DAEMON Tools lite both x86 and 64-bit driver are compressed in the same installation program so you don't need two downloads anymore.

05.11.2008, 05:33
Hi.. i have the same problem
I het the "Platform not supported" when i try to install either:


Could you link me to a x64 only version of DT lite?

I also get:

STDP Setup Error code 7


05.11.2008, 06:08
What OS are you running?
Both setups contain x64 versions.

Error code 7 means unknown/bad OS.

25.11.2008, 05:28
What OS are you running?
Both setups contain x64 versions.

Error code 7 means unknown/bad OS.

Windows 7 build 6801
"Platform not supported"

25.11.2008, 13:14
Hi, I installed Windows 7 Beta 6801 just for fun. Not so much new things yet(still looks a lot like Vista). I tried to install Daemon 4301 on it, but it just keeps wanting to "restart to complete the installation". You know the standard drill that always pops up, but this one goes on forever.

Of course I understand that Daemon won't give support to a Beta OS, but I wonder if someone has a clue of what the problem might be or has had the same problem on Vista or XP.

25.11.2008, 15:04
Restart is requested from SPTD. So wait for DuplexSecure to release a new version which is compatible with Windows 7 at all.

29.11.2008, 13:27
why doesnt bot for them work????????????????????????

C:\Documents and Settings\jamal\Desktop\untitled
C:\Documents and Settings\jamal\Desktop\untitled2

29.11.2008, 13:36
We can't access your local hdd, so you have to upload both images to a file hoster like imagebanana.com and then post the link here.