View Full Version : Anyway to tell - Trackbacks or Pingbacks?

04.07.2008, 22:12
Is there anyway to tell if anyone is using Trackbacks or Pingbacks with this new vBulletin version? It would be interesting to see statistics, example: 1 out of 400 new threads has a trackback.

05.07.2008, 07:05
Yes, there is a way to tell. And yes, it is used, but only in
VERY small locations. This is intentional restricted by me for
most areas. Especially as alot of rubbish is coming in...

More things about this is best asked via PM to me - we do not
discuss such things in public area

05.07.2008, 13:56
Well I guess I was acting as a novice to using all forums in general. I was hoping there was some cool web 2.0 v-B trick I didn't know, hehe.

p.s. whenever I post v-B without dashes in the middle of sentence the rest of my post becomes INVISIBLE.