View Full Version : A minor language bug in DT Lite 4.12.4 installer

05.07.2008, 02:20
String #10066 - "Integrate %s actions into Explorer's context menu and create file associations" is displayed as:

Integrate DTPro actions into Explorer's context menu and create file associations

In other words, %s is apparently replaced with "DTPro" rather than DT Lite (or simply DT).

05.07.2008, 02:39
That is wrong.

Translations just gotn't updated :(
Just check English installer.

05.07.2008, 02:56
You're right. When I choose English language, the string is displayed correctly and "%s" is replaced with "DAEMON Tools Lite".

However, with seemingly all other languages, "%s" is replaced with "DTPro". I have tried several different languages (by changing the language code in %appdata%\DAEMON Tools\daemontools.ini).

But I believe the latest translated string (#10066) has been included in this release (as I recognize my own wording from a relatively recent update to the string); it seems the problem lies in the parsing of "%s" for the translated languages (which does indicate that it is a bug) rather than it being an outdated translation.

EDIT: I may be wrong about the translation being up-to-date, but not long ago the string was changed, introducing the variable %s instead of the static text "DTPro". And coincidentally, not many days ago, I also changed something else in the wording of this string (changing translation of "Windows Explorer context menus"). This is what leads me to believe that the string is up-to-date.