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08.07.2008, 06:33
Hi all

this isn't an alarming issue but a nagging one.
I'm using 4.10 with Vista and for some reason if i change the name of a bin and cue image (iso's are fine) i get a "unable to acess error." i can only mount the files if i restore the original names.

Why does this happen?
it really bothers me not being able to rename the file for better future reference.

08.07.2008, 08:12
Try moving the files to the top folder example C:\ without any subfolders and then do the renaming again. What is the exact file name you are trying to rename both of them to? Make sure there are no spaces or weird characters.

Also, open the .CUE file in notepad and check to see if any filenames are hard-coded into the .CUE

08.07.2008, 08:43
Cue files have hardcoded file names, you have to change it in cue file too.

15.07.2008, 12:17
that was it! Edited with notepad and voilб. I can't believe i didn't thought of that before bothering with this.
Thanks a lot for the replies.