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25.01.2004, 00:55
Sometimes WINNXP decides that my IDE cd reader is not ULtra DMA 2 and sets it to PIO .
I found only this method to make XP detect again my cd reader as Ultra DMA mode 2 :

Desactivate the IDE device connected to the cd reader (the main one in my configuration) .

When XP detects that the IDE device has been removed it reinstalls it and all devices connected (HD, cd reader) .

Note that, as my main IDE device is also connected to the HD used by XP (contains all WINDOWS files);
I don't like this method .

So please, have you a better way to make XP set my cd reader as Ultra DMA 2 (please don't explain me that I just have to modify in configuration pannel the IDE transfert mode, it doesn't help because XP doesn't take into account my suggestion) .



25.01.2004, 10:11
This is a known issue that happens after repeated DMA transfer errors occur (>6); this article explains it:


It may be due to several reasons, including hardware problems.

25.01.2004, 18:19

Thanks for the reply .

I will remember that the next time I will encounter the problem but I think that I already did the microsoft suggestion without success :

- Remove the IDE cd device
- Turn transfer mode to PIO and then again to Ultra DMA is possible .

Anyway thanks again