View Full Version : Y.a.s.u 1.4.7080

08.07.2008, 21:49
I believe this is Y.A.S.U 1.4.7080. I had a hard time finding and so I hope this is either free/shareware! I am willing to share just tell me how.

08.07.2008, 21:55
err.. you believe what is yasu 1.4.7080 ? nothings attached...
i guess this is related to the changes at copybase.org relating to swiss law?

its pretty easily found however.. no need for you to offer distribution etc... its available on a pretty common no-cd site, if you look in the cd/dvd protection utilities section...

i would paste the link, but im unsure if its actually allowed here...

09.07.2008, 00:09
Bypassing copy protection is a good thing. So, link away!

09.07.2008, 07:16

there you go then :)