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09.07.2008, 13:03

Apologies if this has been address before, But i was unable to find anything that helped.

Anyways, Im currently running Vista Home and was trying to install the latest version of DT but as download completed I kept getting an error on execution("invalid win32 application") so i got tired of trying different download links. And installed DT v3.47 which i had in a portable HD.

As DT was installing I got prompted to whether or not to allow driver to install (which case i allowed). Seconds after I allowed the driver to install I got a bluescreen and my laptop restarted.

As desktop starts up everything is fine up until I get a notification that windows is "install device driver software (in which i presume is the Daemons Driver" and I get a bluescreen again and my laptop restarts.

When i start windows in safe mode I also get a bluescreen during Desktop start up.

09.07.2008, 15:30
Of course v3.47 does NOT support Vista. Check this thread for manual removal procedure:

09.07.2008, 17:30
Hey, Thanks for the quick reply (No sarcasm intended). I have thought about doing this.

But from the moment desktop initiates and beings startup and loads all my programs. I have about approx. 30 seconds before it goes bluescreen.

And during the 30 seconds even if i manage to get to the destination of the driver (which is doubtful as I get quite abit of lag due to windows processing all my startup programs) It will take more then 30 seconds for me to find the files.


09.07.2008, 18:12
Here is a link that shows how to get to the command prompt:

How to use the Command Prompt in the Vista Windows Recovery Environment (http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/tutorial147.html)

from there you will type

cd windows
cd system32
cd drivers
del somefilename.sys
del anotherfilename.sys

The filenames you will delete might be d347bus.sys and then next: d347prt.sys. The "c:" part might be different on your computer if you have more than one partition.

If you don't know what drive letter belongs to vista (default c: ), you can use this command:

list volume


09.07.2008, 18:28
Thank you for your help. Though it wasn't as simple as the guide made it to be.

I was able to navigate and find the Driver files through Vista's Start-up Recovery.

Thanks again.