View Full Version : DT Lite 4.12.4 Shell Integration

11.07.2008, 01:57
Is there any way to add support for custom file extensions for DT Lite 4.12.4? Like the .img extension is not listed in the options. Can I do anything to add .img (and other extensions) so that it can be used with the shell integration?


11.07.2008, 04:05
If you have no .cue sheet, .ccd file or similar for them, you would either have to rename the files to have extension .iso (may not work well for all .img images though) or manually change your file association settings for .img.

Most .img images I have, are ones I've created myself ages ago using CloneCD. There I have .ccd and .cue files that I can use to mount (and since they may also have subchannel data, I should mount using those files). But also, some commercial software vendors (for example Microsoft, for customers with Select or Enterprise agreements) deliver their software electronically using a single .img file. These files are normally ordinary ISO images with .img extension, and can simply be renamed .iso.

PS: I hope you're not referring to illegally distributed material ("warez"). That's a big no no in here.