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11.07.2008, 07:45
Hello, I have just downloaded DaemonTools PRO Advanced, and I'm trying to install the program. But when clicking the DTPro4120223Advanced.exe file a DOS screen shortly pops up, and closes immidiately again. Right clicking, and selecting the "Run" option gives me the possibility to get a pop up saying that: ""C:\DOCUME~1\KLAUSC~1\LOKALE~1\Temp\. Is a temporary file which should be used to initializing, and that it cannot be created, or is write protected. Be sure to check that the path i correct, and if there is sufficient disc space available!""

Please, what to do now??. I have tried to disable alle my anti virus, antispyware, anti adware, firewall ect. Also tried to uncheck the "write protected" option in the C:\DOCUME~1\KLAUSC~1\LOKALE~1\Temp\ folder. But nothing changes - still the same problem??

BTW: When I'm trying to install, I have both the .exe file and the licence file in the same directory!! "Daemon" - located on my desktop!

Kind Regards

11.07.2008, 16:51
Redownload the setup as it sounds like a corrupted setup. Don't download with download accelerators/managers.

11.07.2008, 20:15
Hi, Thanks a lot - just did what You told me to do!! DownLoad Accellerator Plus was the culprit! ;-)

All the best