View Full Version : Daemon Tools will not mount cue files with ISRC codes.

12.07.2008, 02:27
When I use EAC to create a cd image with the option to record ISRC codes from the CD, Daemon Tools will not mount the image (.cue) if the cd had any irsc codes (and therefore recorded in the .cue file). It says syntax error. If I manually edit the .cue file to remove the reference to ISRC then it will mount it.

This is very frustrating.

I'm hoping this could be fixed shortly.

12.07.2008, 06:00
EAC doesn't always create standards compliant CUE files. As an example, it will let you put MP3 files into a CUE sheet. However, compression support isn't supported in CUE sheets in DAEMON Tools (and never will be supported due to a developer decision).

How can you read ISRC codes from an audio cd mounted in a virtual drive? This is stored in the Q subcode right?

12.07.2008, 15:53
I use EAC to extract the audio files from a real CD. (for best quality). I had set EAC to read the ISRC and UPC data as well. EAC then records this additional data in the cue sheet.

I then use Daemon Tools to mount the image (the created cue sheet), and then I use Itunes to rip from the mounted image. This way it creates perfect rips, as the audio was extracted perefctly by EAC. (the encoder built in to Itunes now is actually quite good)

Most of my CDs do not have any ISRC codes on them. but a few do, it is the cue sheets of these that can not be mounted by Daemon Tools.
The only problem that I can see is the ISRC codes, if I manually edit the cue sheets and remove the code then it mounts fine, and if I disable the reading of ISRC and UPC data in EAC then Daemon toolds works just fine also.

So I get round the problem by disabling that function of EAC, but it is very disappointing as I wanted to keep as much of the original data of the CD as possible.

I'm hoping daemon tools could come out with a fix for this, even if it was just to ignore ISRC / UPC info in the cue sheet.

Searching this forum, and google. People have been encountering this problem for a while (the earliest I have found is 2004 with various virtual CD mounting software), and no one appears (at least on the sites I've visited) to have realised it was the addition of ISRC codes.

13.07.2008, 06:53
So there is a problem with reading from CUE files, I wonder if DAEMON Tools supports ISRC inside CCD files (clone CD's version of CUE, but supports a lot more cd meta-data). Hmmmm

Edit: I was wrong thinking that ISRC is not supported. Read Development's reply below. I suggest that the EAC programmers better test their software before releasing it next time. But EAC and audiograbber go back to 2001 or earlier. They must know the standards as well as anyone. Hmm....

14.07.2008, 01:28
DT fully supports ISRC in CUE files. So there is nothing to fix - it is just bug of EAC then which generates incorrect ISRC data.

This is example how it must look:


14.07.2008, 14:34
I see. Ok thanks I'll take this up with eac.

Cheers for the prompt reply.

14.07.2008, 23:50
For info this is what it looks like in the cue sheets generated by EAC.

ISRC H28\F0400001

19.07.2008, 05:33
Such ISRC is not valid: ISRC must contain digits or letters only.