View Full Version : Unable to add adapter. Registry access error

13.07.2008, 00:34
I didn't notice this posted on the forums, so here I am. DTools used to work for me, but this version doesn't, and I can't find the old version I used to have. When I try to make virtual drives, or click on anything in the DTools menu, it says "Virtual SCSI driver not detected." This never happened to me before. Please help? Thanks!

13.07.2008, 07:03
What version of DAEMON Tools are you using? Is there any reason why you are not using the newest? What is your operating system (Win98, 2000, XP, Vista, etc)?

13.07.2008, 14:54
My system is XP, which is what I used for the earlier versions which worked. The version I'm using now is 4.12.4, which is the newest one. Also, when I first start up the program, it gives an error that only shows up when I first start it up: "Unable to add adapter. Registry access error."

14.07.2008, 08:38
The message "Unable to add adapter. Registry access error." is VERY simple to solve. Exit out of the tray program if it is running (right click it near the clock then choose Exit). Then run the DAEMON Tools lite install program again. This happens sometimes where SPTD is uninstalled or reinstalled AFTER DAEMON Tools has already been installed first. You can install into the same folder you used already for the current install.