View Full Version : Daemon tools lite audio problem

14.07.2008, 03:05
I mount dvd image plays iso or image fine in media player but does not protray any of the sound take burnt copy to dvd audio plays is it daemon tools lite or media player I have tried all the setting on media play plays fine on other dvds online clips but no audio from daemonlite drive through player?

14.07.2008, 07:41
I don't understand your problem. Are you trying to play a DVD in full screen? Are you trying to play a divx file from a burned dvd? Are you trying to play an MP3 from a burned cd-r?

What game are you trying to use?

09.02.2009, 05:08
I have the same problem. it sucks ass, and I cant fix it.

11.02.2009, 03:46
Hi gergfuyagb,
Could you please supply more information regarding the problem you are getting?

06.03.2009, 05:26
this is driving me crazy as well. I have a dvd-rom, original copy of neon genesis evangelion. I made an image on my hdd.

then I mount the image on DT lite and after few minutes the audio goes away, but in only happens when I use my firewire audio card. I tried with my internal card and everything is ok.
my FW audio card has always been working fine.

this is pissing me off.

I use media player classic.

13.04.2009, 09:23
Have similar problem. Can play DVD ISO images OK from MCE, but when I send audio out via SPDIF then I can't get audio for movies. 'Normal' windows sounds work fine, but not the movie sound. Maybe not related to DT?