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14.07.2008, 09:37
I'm running DT Pro 4.12.0300 and tried to burn a bin/cue image, tried it several times on both my drives and it hangs at 86 or 87%. I installed a copy of nero I had laying around and it finished up with no problems (same media). Any suggestions? :confused:

14.07.2008, 10:58
Is this an audio cd or data cd and how did you create the image?

Also you can copy and paste your entire CUE file (you can easily open CUE files in notepad) into the forum, maybe we can spot something unusual about it.

14.07.2008, 12:47
It's data and I probably used cdrwin at the time to create it. The .cue sheet looks like this:

FILE "180601.bin" BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

14.07.2008, 13:52
I'm guessing your drive doesn't support raw burning. In nero if you try to burn a Disk-at-Once 96 (DAO96), with all subcodes, you might get bad burns too.

Other burn modes are Session-at-Once (SAO), Disk-at-Once 16 (DAO16) and Track-at-Once (TAO). Not all drives support all modes.


14.07.2008, 14:43
According to the specs of my drives (as listed on the Alcohol site), my plextor should have been able to write any of the modes you mention (I think).

Manufacturer Plextor
Model DVDR PX-755A
Supported Writing Method: [TAO] [DAO/SAO] [RAW SAO] [RAW SAO+SUB] [RAW DAO + 96] [DVD DAO]
BURN-Free supported: [BurnProof]
Best Writing Speed: [PoweRec]
Supported Media: [CD-R] [CD-RW] [DVD-R] [DVD-RW] [DVD+RW] [DVD+R]

Manufacturer Nec
Model DVD_RW ND-3540A
Supported Writing Method: [DAO/SAO] [RAW DAO + 96] [DVD DAO]
BURN-Free supported: [BurnProof]
Best Writing Speed:
Supported Media: [CD-R] [CD-RW] [DVD-R] [DVD-RW] [DVD+RW] [DVD+R]

14.07.2008, 15:18
I tried the DAO/96 mode in Nero, works for both drives.

19.07.2008, 17:41
I can confirm that the PX-755 supports raw burning. It's one of the "real" Plextor drives (not OEM Philips or TEAC crap) with japanese chipset (Sanyo). I have this drive myself, except I have the S-ATA version.

21.07.2008, 14:25
Sorry for not replying before mastermind, I no longer think it's a RAW capability issue anymore. There must be some other cause.

24.07.2008, 11:17
Yes, it was reproduced. We'll investigate and fix it.