View Full Version : Cant get the Virtual drive to Appear!

14.07.2008, 18:30
Hi :D

I have quite a lil difficult problems, my virtual drives just wont appear. I did what most of the solutions said and cheked if the drivers of the v. drive are installed correctly. they are.. still it just wont appear...


any ideas o.o?

14.07.2008, 21:46
Have you checked for drive letter? To check, DT tray icon -> Virtual CD/DVD-ROM -> Virtual Drive -> Set device parameters.

14.07.2008, 22:20
yep, i did so. Driver error 1

17.07.2008, 16:16
Hello Schurke.
Please, specify your DTPro version. And also, please, contact support. You can send message from Disc-Soft.com :: Home (http://www.disc-soft.com) or directly from DTPro application (use Help->Support Request functionality). Just specify this topic's link in the message body.