View Full Version : Unable to get past bios screen

16.07.2008, 15:49
Hi to all.

Used DT LITE for the first time three days ago. Worked great, next morning I booted up my dell d800 only to find that I was staring at a black screen with a minus (hyphen) blinking in the top lef corner of the screen.

I am unable to get past the BIOS screen. I removed the hard drive and replaced it with a spare that i have of the exact OS, and put the other one in a carriage, booted the PC up with the spare, no problem.

Checked the faulty hard drive and all programs are still on there, but is not starting the laptop.

I removed DTlite manually, well i think i have. Still have the same problem. I have been trying to solve the problem by searching similar problems but have come to a stand still at the moment.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

16.07.2008, 23:18
Try removing SPTD.

16.07.2008, 23:21
Try running disk check programs on that hdd.

If it doesn't get past BIOS screen, then not DT's fault (Windows hasn't even started to load -> no reading of DT's and SPTD's files).

17.07.2008, 06:56
Tried to do both of what has been suggested. Still having the same problem.