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26.01.2004, 00:19
I have an original version of Warcraft III - Frozen Throne, and I was hoping to backup it, as I use it a lot, and I have not been able to. I have downloaded the latest version of DT, I have also downloaded the latest version of Alcohol120%. I encoded the CD with the "Securom *NEW (4.X/5.X)" option, (the best securom version I found);

I have "Skip reading errors" ticked, and also "Read Sub-Channel Data from current disc", with finally "Data Position Measurement (Precision: High)", Read Speed is at maximum. it makes a .msd file, but I do the DPM at 1X, following what was said in a thread I read about an hor ago. It makes a file that is readable by both DT and Alcohol120%, but neither one has gotten past the protection, so I still need to use my original Frozen Throne cd to play on BNET. If any one could help me, I would be grateful, because this problem can be very expensive, and has used up a lot of my time already...

30.01.2004, 21:37
I have finally succeeded in makind an image of Warcraft III The Frozen Throne, for a reason, I am not a hundred percent sure, it seems that we should only use the "Securom *NEW (4.X/5.X)" option, if we have the patch for Warcraft III (post-13b I think);

installed, because an image I had made last week using that technique works beautifully ass soon as I installed the patch, much to my surprise today. So no need for any help any more.

Thx anyways, but I would be greatful for an explanation to why this happened if any one knows for sure...

28.04.2004, 16:51
or u can just use your WC3 cd or an emulated image of WC3 cd.