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18.07.2008, 09:49
Hi, on 05-05-2007 I bough DTool Advanced, the email used was the one I registered on this forum, I requested the customer status on a thread started by another user, LocutusOfBorg send me a private message, I replied the message but never got the customer status.
Well, today I renewed my License on DTool Advance for 1 more year, I hope this time I get the customer status, my Swreg Order Number was E1412214, and that this should be enough to validate my account.
Also, off the topic, why is so hard to enable vIDE on WinXP x64, cmon guys, I don't want to get back to XP 32-bits, and Vista x64 it's too expensive, and don't want to upgrade neither.
Is there plans in the future, at least within a year to enable vIDE for XP x64 / Server 2003 x64? or should I reconsider to move back to XP 32 bits?
Thank you.

18.07.2008, 11:59
First, devs are informed.

Second, there are no plans to implement vIDE in WinXP x64.

18.07.2008, 13:10
dear painkiller78,

the trouble was caused by malfunctioned user-profile; to be exact: when you ordered, the email used here and disc-soft.com differed. When this was set correct, new status was provided. Then several issues happend that I cant publical discuss (security-subsystem) and therefore your status was switched back to normal, you were customer only for few hours (from board point-of-view). After your initial request we
received no further note/PM from you so "case closed".

It was no bad intention - you simple was victim of several issues
that happen very rarely (especially since we renewed most of
the code responsible for this), but of course we are not
impeccable. I herewith apologize personaly to you for our
incompetency to not nail down the problem earlier.
It was caused by our asymetric systems, apart from this
also because backward-checks are NOT activated, e.g.
once you become a customer, you will have access to
customer-forums even if your license is expired or soon to
be expiring. This may change in future, but until now it is
so that ALL, current and former customers, can access the
customer-forum/area. As no checks active after initial customer-setup - noone noticed this problem.

Ok, I hope I explained to you why this happend with this,
sorry, long story, but after one year of waiting
you deserved nothing less than an exact explanation.

Such things cant happen since ages anymore, but your issue IS
one of the very old cases. As you can see, such things do
only happen now very rarely, if ever nowadays.

I hope case IS now closed - finally ;)

About XP64: no, because of very few customers that use such
kind of system, we do not plan to implement vIDE to WinXP64, such investment is - currently - not justified by
user-base and we highly doubt that it will change in the
future as there is Vista64 out and userbase is unequal bigger.

First, devs are informed

@bismax: I did not received anything from you :confused:

18.07.2008, 14:09
Check your PM.

19.07.2008, 10:44
No problem, I know that such things could happen, well bad luck for me... it was a year in which I loose interesting things like something I just saw on Customer Are :D
:( Sad that there's no plan to implement vIDE on x64... I really like that OS, for me Vista just su?ks..
By the way does vIDE works on Vista Home? I think I have an upgrade DVD from MCE2005 to Vista Home. I just recently bough Crysis and Assassin Creed.
With Crysis, even with the recently released DTool, the game keeps saying "Insert and original disc instead of a backup (1000)", and I have made a proper image with DPM info, tried with 3 different drives and keeped the best mds file I could get (checked with MDSViewer), the one with the most flawless curve, less peaks, in fact the better one was using a Plextor PX-760A.

19.07.2008, 11:07
Shouldnt be the case - I will check within next hours if I can
trace the problem back you have.

BTW: Are you sure you used latest DT Pro? Which version was
used for image creation?