View Full Version : DT Lite 4.30.1 Doesn't Work With Mini Images?

22.07.2008, 22:12
Ever since updating to DAEMON Tools Lite 4.30.0, I've been unable to get mini images to pass CD/DVD checks. Specifically with Crysis and GRID, I get "conflict with emulation software" and "insert original disc instead of a backup" messages. I never had any problems with the previous version of DAEMON Tools Lite. What's going on?

(Also I can't get Devil May Cry 4 mini images to pass checks, but that was a problem with the previous version of DAEMON Tools Lite anyway.)

23.07.2008, 10:13
Mini-images problem is fixed now and the fix will be included into the next build.

23.07.2008, 11:59
Good to hear. Thanks for the response.

27.07.2008, 10:07
the lite version 4.30.1 behaves differently, but it doesn't fix the bug... where can I get 4.12.4?

27.07.2008, 11:34

Which problem do you have exactly with 4.30.1 and mini images? Also which game?

It doesn't make sense to revert back to old version as the bug doesn't get fixed in next version.

27.07.2008, 12:40
securom error 1000 (please insert the original disc instead of a backup) with Overlord Raising Hell 1.4 and the NS-OLRH_SR-poseden mini-image

dtlite 4.12.4 was the last working version for this setup, and it worked flawlessly without yasu
dtlite 4.30.1 doesn't work, even with yasu 1.4

with dtlite 4.30.0 the error message was instant
with dtlite 4.30.1 the game waits for a few seconds before displaying the message

as I was writing this post, I managed to start the game by doing this: after a system restart or after an image remount, the first 2 attempts to start the game fail with error 1000 (each attempt takes ~15-20 seconds); the following attempts are successful, as the game starts after ~10 seconds from launching it

30.07.2008, 08:22
Mhanor I am getting the exact same error and symptoms as you with my Neverwinter Nights 2 (updated to latest patches) mini-image. It fails the first time, but works the second. (I actualy started the game once, failed, updated from 30.0 to 30.1, tried again, failed, tried once more and it worked. Same error 1000.

30.07.2008, 23:34
I don't know what it is, it will work on the second try, then if for some reason I need to close the game when I open reopen it I keep getting "Original disk could not be found or authenticated" (that is the 1000 error right?) again and again. But after closing and reopening YASU, mounting/dismounting, everything short of rebooting (sometimes changing to a different image and switching back works, and sometimes it doesn't), it randomly works again.

I don't know what I am doing for it to work again. I have DT Lite 4.30.1 and YASU 1.4.7080.

01.08.2008, 01:09
Try without YASU at all.

02.08.2008, 19:58
same here. "conflict with emulation software" with crysis mini image and daemon tools 4.30.1. - but it's ok with Grid

went back to 4.12.4 and now crysis works

maybe a bug with virtual drive speed.
in 4.12.4 it's possible to go down to 1x
and in 4.30.1 the down limit is 6x . too much for securom ?

09.09.2008, 05:33
Had DT Lite 4.30.1, newest yasu and Crysis full image and I kept getting Conflict With... error. Went back to 4.12.4 and now it works. Must be something wrong with the newer versions.

15.09.2008, 17:33
I have a "Civilization 4 Beyond The Sword" MiniImage that I use to play multiplayer between my PCs. This image was perfectly functional in 4.12.4 - however with 4.30.1 I need YASU for the game to run correctly.

Alternately, Spore will complain about not being able to launch a required security module when running 4.30.1 + YASU, but not when running 4.12.4 + YASU ... go figure. Closing YASU does resolve this however so it is not a huge issue, just an inconvenience.

27.09.2008, 04:07
Well.... as I am a newbie here, and this is my first post, I have attempted to do a search before I reply with a question that might have been answered elsewhere. Alas....I have found nothing to help me to get GRID to work. I just downloaded and installed DT Lite 4.30.1 , mounted an image that I had created using DVD Decrypter and I keep getting the error message to Use the Original DVD. Making sure that Securom emulation is enabled and still nothing works...rebooted a couple of times and tried a couple of different times to start the game both from the autostart.exe when I Mount the image as well as from the root directory where it was installed from the Original Purchased copy of the software. Yes I did actually purchase this copy, but like everyone here, I don't want to have to have the DVD with me as I'm using this on my Alienware Vista laptop. Anyone know if there is a way to get Grid to load??? I've never used DT before today, but it seems quite simple and I'm pretty sure I've done everything correctly so far.

Thanks in advance.....

27.09.2008, 11:18
Bad image, recreate it with New SecuROM profile in DT Pro.