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25.07.2008, 03:11
I've installed Daemon Tools, everything goes fine.
Then, I try to start it and it asks me to "Run as the Local Administrator first"

Point is; it's my personal laptop, no one but me use it, and there's no other account than mine; therefor, I'm the only administrator of the computer. What the crap?; if I may say.

25.07.2008, 16:50
You are using Vista and that is the UAC (User Access Control) feature. If you don't like it, just disable UAC through Control Panel -> User Accounts

25.07.2008, 19:09
Normally it shouldn't be necessary to disable UAC in order to use Daemon Tools. But if it's needed for you, instead of deactivating UAC completely you can use Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit to create a database of exceptions which aren't checked by User Account Control.

Disable User Account Control (UAC) for certain Windows Vista applications | Windows Vista for Beginners (http://www.vista4beginners.com/Disable-UAC-for-certain-applications)

27.07.2008, 03:09
Alternatively, simply right-click and select "Run as administrator".