View Full Version : "please use local administrator account to..."

25.07.2008, 17:36
Downloaded and installed DAEMON Tools Lite v4.30.1 32/64 Bits, from disc-tools.com in Win Vista Business.
When I try to open it, a message appears:
"Please use local administrator account to run DAEOM tools for the first time!" - but I logon to Windows Vista as Administrator... why such message?
I can't find an option to change my user account status and I don't think I should change it anyway...
How can I run it...?
Any advise appreciated, Thank you!

27.07.2008, 02:06
When UAC (User Account Control) is enabled in Vista (by default), all user accounts are Limited User accounts, not Administrator. Right-click on the executable or the shortcut for DTools and choose "Run as administrator" from the list.