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27.07.2008, 00:38
I have a Toshiba Satellite with a Pentium T2060 dual core processor running at 1.6 GHz. The OS is Vista home premium with Service pack 1 installed. I have Ashampoo burning software, Imgburn and AVG antivirus.

I have been running Daemon Tools Lite 4.12.3 for some time without problem. I decided to change to the latest version. I uninstalled v4.12.3 and on installing 4.30.1 declined the toolbar and search engine offers. After installation all my bookmarks in Firefox 3 had been removed (there is no very unhappysmiley) and Foxmarks was unable to restore them.

I had to use System restore to resolve the situation.

28.07.2008, 17:00
Actually, FF has backup system for your bookmarks.
Open your FireFox profile folder, in Windows XP it's located like:
"C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\is3j44kp.default\boo kmarkbackups"
In that folder you can find few files with JSON extension.
So, these are your bookmarks.

Open FF -> Bookmarks -> Orginize Bookmarks. Then click "Import and Backup" button in Library window and select Restore. You will see the list of your backups.

28.07.2008, 22:46
Thank you, I will try again.

28.07.2008, 23:12
also, the bookmarks disappearing might not (only a developer could answer) be related to daemon tools..

i've personally seen (quite a few times) firefox (especially during the beta releases) 'forget' its bookmarks when its crashed... but as support2 mentions, there is usually a backup (which may be out of date.. depending on how lucky you are)...

29.07.2008, 15:19
Thank you,
I tried again after backing up the book marks and setting a restore point, I uninstalled 4.12 and used CCleaner to clean the registry and this time there were no problems.
I guess some strange hiccough happened