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28.07.2008, 05:30
...and I think that this "problem" must have been introduced along with the BlindWrite fix in the latest build (4.30.1), as I'd been using it (4.30.0) with no problem for the past week or so.

I own two computers of similar configuration (see below), and had just finished a clean (Windows) install on the 2nd rig Friday when I noticed it was freezing up during installing some of my games off of images I've got. Images, mind you, that I've never had problems with before now.

For what it's worth, I've detected no pattern/similarities as to when/why the computers are freezing while installing from these mounted images, but the culprits (that I can remember) are: an .iso of Battle for Middle Earth 2; a .bin/.cue image of Dungeon Siege 2.

I *did*, however, successfully (without freezing) install from the following: an .mds/.mdf of Tiberium Wars; an .iso of Rainbow Vegas 2.

This freezing of my computer(s) has only started since I've updated to 4.30.1, and as I've been using Daemon Tools for YEARS now, across a number of upgrades and different rigs, I was damned surprised, as I've never experienced this kind of lockup before now.


(everything is identical, except where noted)

AMD Opteron 185/Zalman 9500 heatsink
ASUS A8N32 SLI Deluxe/1405 BIOS (primary rig)
DFI LANParty Expert/0406 BIOS (secondary rig)
2 x 1GB GSkill PC3200@2-3-2-5
2 x EVGA 8800GTX
2 x WD74GB Raptor HDD
2 x 300GB MAXLine 3 HDD
Creative Fatality X-Fi
Lite-On DH20A4P
Samsung SH-S202N

Clean install(s) of Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP1; latest, official drivers; everything running at stock voltage/speed.

I also tried installing the two culprit games on a friend's (completely different) computer via 4.30.1, with the same results: hard lock, leading to hard restart.

Help! :confused:



Friend's Rig:
Intel E8400/Thermaltake somethingorother
Abit IX38/latest BIOS
2 x 2GB GSkill PC1066@ 5-5-5-15
1 x EVGA 9800 GX2
Enermax 800w

Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64-bit, etc.

28.07.2008, 12:38
Sorry for the double post/double thread - I dunno what happened, but please feel free to delete this thread!

Thanks in advance. :D

28.07.2008, 16:09
Please, contact our support team via e-mail (or via Disc-Soft.com :: Send Message (http://www.disc-soft.com/sendmsg)) and point the link to this topic in the message.

28.07.2008, 17:04
Probably bad images - try to recreate the images into MDF/MDS format.

28.07.2008, 18:49
Thank you for the suggestion, and I *will* try that.


Going into that, I must say I'm a bit skeptical: these images "suddenly" going bad after having used them repeatedly/successfully for months/years?

I will report my findings. ;)


28.07.2008, 19:03
So I tried a different (but, assumedly, equally revealing) test: I burned the images to disc via Nero and then went and installed the games with those selfsame discs.


No problemo - good install; no hitches. :D


31.07.2008, 00:15
....nobody else has had a similar problem?

That makes me sad (in a warped, twisted sorta way).


31.07.2008, 14:34
...I did clean installs on both of my rigs. And I left out any other burning/imaging/whatever software this time, to be sure that nothing else I'd installed wasn't playing badly with Daemon Tools 4.30.1.

Both rigs, while installing two different programs (Adobe CS3 and Microsoft Office 2007) mounted with Daemon Tools 4.30.1, completely froze up.


Uninstall 4.30.1...clear out any registry entries, restart the rig(s), and install 4.30.0.


Everything (random software to game images) installed without a hitch.

Go figure. :rolleyes:

08.08.2008, 09:48
If it's any consolation I have the exact same problem with v4.30.1... will lock the PC tight if I use a mounted image. Maybe a conflict with my virus scanner... and yep images are fine if burned. Just about to uninstall DT and go back to Alcohol.

Largo Usagi
09.08.2008, 20:34
im having the same problem 2
im running winXp Pro w/ SP3, haddent updated DT for a very long time and i grab the latest one and it freezes during all of my installs and i have to restart my PC, i found my original Disks and What do you know, It Works, so i dont know what is wrong, maybe SP3

12.08.2008, 17:17

Been going fine the past couple weeks with the previous version (through yet another set of clean installs...due to an unrelated issue) until I decided to install an OLD game which I had an itch to play again...Starcraft!

Of course, when I went to mount the Blindwrite images that I'd made long ago...of course, v4.30.0 told me, "No."

And then I couldn't remember which friend I'd lent out my original discs to (because I found my box/manuals/etc., but no discs), I had to go hunt down a warezed .iso image from the net, because, as you know, I couldn't use v4.30.1 in my systems.


This hasn't been a widespread enough problem that it's been addressed at all anywhere else in the threads, and/or addressed by the devs? I'm kinda curious...

Peace. :wink:

13.08.2008, 13:05
You're not alone!

I am also having this issue (XP-Pro/SP3) ... I am going to be rebuilding my PC soon, so I will see if that makes a difference. It's posing a problem though, since 4.30.0 won't mount my mini-images properly, and 4.30.1 keeps crashing my PC ...

I tried a complete removal of DTools (SPTD included) and reinstalled. No change.

14.08.2008, 15:55
Why do you have the game images if you no longer posses the game?

08.09.2008, 02:18
@SnowLeopard - yah, I'm finding myself having to bounce between the two versions depending upon my needs at the moment (BlindWrite images vs. freezing my computer!).

@Jito463 - ...hunh? What do you mean? I'm not sure if your question is amazingly simplistic and straightforward or if I'm just not understanding you. :confused:

Anyway, I just did a clean install on my main rig and, while trying to install Mass Effect off of the .iso image I'd made a while back, my computer froze up(v. 4.30.1), and I remembered to put the old version back in. So I was wondering if anyone knows if the devs have acknowledged this problem and are attempting to alleviate it in an upcoming release/hotfix.

Peace, y'all.

09.09.2008, 14:34
If you don't own the original, you can't legally possess a copy. Even if you just lost the discs, it's still not technically legal, and if you gave them to a friend, then you essentially gave up ownership rights to the games.

In other words, we can't help you if you don't own the original copy.

10.09.2008, 09:25
I mean, you're seriously posing that question in THIS forum?


Okay, not that it's anyone's business but mine, but, yes: I do indeed own Starcraft and BroodWar. Nor, short of me inanely typing in my CD key for you to see, is there any real way (in a public thread) for me to prove my ownership to you or anyone else, now is there? And, assuming you already know that, why raise the issue in the first place?

I'd a suspicion that that's what you were hinting at in your last post, but I was giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Okay, though - I'll answer you an item at a time:

"If you don't own the original..." Oh, but I do! A wonderful Battle Chest set (complete with the strategy guides and everything!) purchased about 5 years ago from the Best Buy I worked at. Not, of course, like I can prove that. Neither, however, can it be logically/legally disproved...so why bring it up?

"Even if you just lost the discs, it's still not technically legal." Really!? Well, I've got a gamebox and (believe it or not!) the receipt and all the other paraphernalia which I paid for that says otherwise. And my legal backup is exactly that: legal.

"...and if you gave them to a friend, then you essentially gave up ownership rights..." Not too clear on the legalities where that's concerned, and, although I'm willing to concede to you that point; it still can't be proven true or false, at least not in this forum, so, again: why bring it up, sir?

In the end, what people do with this wonderful software is this: mount images of software that they've created for themselves for various reasons, ostensibly to safeguard their purchased intellectual property from loss, damage, or wear and tear.

So, I ask one last time: why even bring it up at all?

I think perhaps: to lend yourself a modicum of self-importance, and perhaps, get a rise out of me. Bravo, sir, well done indeed.

To everyone else: I apologize for giving into my baser instincts and derailing the thread and going on like that. So I re-ask my original question: is this an acknowledged problem with v4.30.1 and is it being addressed?

Thanks in advance for any and all help, y'all. :wink:

10.09.2008, 09:56
I will try later in Vista Enterprise SP1 installing of a ISO image in DT Lite 4.30.1.

I had to go hunt down a warezed .iso image from the net

That is illegal, even if you own the original.

10.09.2008, 19:48

Ah-ha! All apologies, then - I was thinking about the proper and legal BlindWrite images I'd made for myself...and had completely forgotten I'd had to resort to that!

Thanks for the reminder! And thanks for the consideration.


11.09.2008, 17:01
And then I couldn't remember which friend I'd lent out my original discs to (because I found my box/manuals/etc., but no discs), I had to go hunt down a warezed .iso image from the net, because, as you know, I couldn't use v4.30.1 in my systems.


Just going by *your* words.

13.09.2008, 06:03
Got the same problem here.

My Config:
3 HDDs in an NVRaid and Sata HDD with Windows SP3.

Mounting an image with DT 4.30.1 from the raid volume i get an lockup even with very old images. So my first thought was its a problem with installshield.
But normal filecopy from this raid mounted images could even result in a total lockup of windows.

Mounting and installing the images from the non raid OS HDD works flawless with 4.30.1.

So my logical conclusion is that 4.30.1 dont like the NVRaid driver. The driver is 6.86 for NF4 boards. The older versions of DT didn't had a problem with the raid at all.

The thread opener should ask his friend if he mounted the images from raid on his intel setup.

14.09.2008, 18:59
I totally agree with Mounty, because I almost have an indentical setup as him:

-Windows XP SP3 (clean install)
-2 SATA HDD RAID 0 with NVRaid driver (NF4 Intel mobo)

I have random system freezes when I use an image located in the RAID, and I didn't have any problems with the previous version, which I've downloaded from another website (not available in your website anymore).

18.09.2008, 05:48
That would explain why the weird behavior is happening on my desktop (3xSATA2 RAID5 - nForce4) and not on my laptop with the same image files ...

19.09.2008, 07:50

That's it! All my friends and I have RAIDed setups! But not just NF4 (although that's all *I've* got): one friend has NF7 and the other has an Intel (X38 I think?) RAID going.

Hope that helps. :D

19.09.2008, 20:34
Same problem, same setup, same solution as the people before me.

Using nvidia raid (M2N-SLI Deluxe, nforce 570), and it fails when burning with the RAID disks. 4.30.1 freezes with it, 4.30 works fine.

23.09.2008, 21:11
I have the same problem.

When the image is on my RAID drive, Daemon freezes my Computer. If the Image is on my local non-RAID drive, then everything works perfectly.

Version 4.12.2 would cause my computer to freeze when loading any mini images from the RAID drive - the rest worked fine. Version 4.30.1 causes the computer to freeze if any Image is loaded from the RAID drive.

Daemon Tools used to be able to load images from my RAID drive without any problems. Please fix this bug! :D

24.09.2008, 06:59
yeah glad I found this thread.. I've been trying to use .iso files that i had for years and every time it freezes during installs like all of yours.

Nforce Mobo 680i
Intel CPU
Raid 5
Nvidia 8800 gtx
4gb ram
XP Pro x64

01.10.2008, 22:28
I also have the same problem:

NForce4 SLI
NVIDIA RAID 0 with 2x 250 GB Western Digital YS
GForce 8800 GT

It works perfectly from a HDD not as part of a RAID !



23.12.2008, 14:56
The RAID bug still hasn't been fixed in Version 4.30.2. :confused:

23.12.2008, 16:41
It's due to NForce chipset. I've an X38 Chipset and I'm using ICH9R Southbridge in Raid 0 mode and no problems at all. ;)

P.S. Please anyone having raid issues, post entire configuration (I mean also Operating System and not only the raid controller).

23.12.2008, 17:21
Windows XP Pro SP3
ASUSTek M2N32-SLI Premium Mainboard - nForce 590 SLI

At present, running with the 2008-08-22 bios update (1202) and the 15.23 nForce drivers. (previously had out-of-date versions of both, probably close to 12 months old)

23.12.2008, 17:44

Did you try on Vista too ? Try it if you can.

23.12.2008, 17:48
No, I've avoided Vista as best I can - I have Vista Business licences for my PCs at home, but all have been downgraded to XP Pro.

I have a dual-boot XP/Vista on my laptop, but as I mentioned earlier my laptop has no problems with anything (no RAID/etc).


23.12.2008, 17:49
Try 4.10 with SPTD 1.56 and one times with SPTD 1.50.

23.12.2008, 17:56
I have 4.12.4 Lite installed (SPTD 1.56) and am using that for mounting (seems to have no issues) ... Have Pro installed alongside for making images.

It would be nice to have just the pro installed, since I've paid for it and all. :D

23.12.2008, 18:00
Please post all configuration of your computer etc (in case you already did, sry).

23.02.2009, 10:18
same problem with ver 4.30.3
(dammed my brand new system 4 freezing -.-)
Installed the game later with the cd i deposited at my parents house... .

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz 1333MHz S775 12MB 45nm
Netzteil ATX Jersey Black Edition BE-500WS r
GA-EP45T-UD3P P45 S775 1600MHz ATX PCIe512MB Sapphire Radeon HD3870 GDDR4 DVI
2x2048MB Kit OCZ Reaper HPC 1333MHz CL6
1000GB Seagate ST31000333AS Barracuda 7200.1 32MB Sata2

all newest driver etc. installed because i thought i'd be a system problem i reinstall 4.30.0 now ;)

23.02.2009, 12:21
(didn't found the edit:)
i use AHCI not raid
& it dont work if i downgrad to 4.30.0
even not if i remove the spdt drivers and reinstall

23.02.2009, 18:54
And when you change from AHCI to IDE in SATA options in BIOS?

28.03.2009, 17:53
Ive got this same problem. Ive now tested each of the 4.30.x version and everyone freezes after little while when you copy/install files from mounted image. Currently running 4.12.4 which seems to work without any problems.

Currently running with ACHI mode. Cannot test IDE option since that would require me to reinstall Windows to test(?).

Computer specs:

Computer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. EP45-DS3P
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz

Motherboard: Giga-Byte GA-EP45-DS3P
Chipset: Intel P45 (Eaglelake-P) + ICH10R
Memory: 4096 MBytes, 5.0-5-5-18
- 2048 MB PC6400 DDR2-SDRAM - Kingston 2G-UDIMM
- 2048 MB PC6400 DDR2-SDRAM - Kingston 2G-UDIMM
Graphics: Hightech RADEON HD 4870
Drive: ST3320613AS, 312.6 GB, Serial ATA 3Gb/s
Drive: Optiarc DVD RW AD-7203S, DVD+R DL
Sound: Intel ICH10 - High Definition Audio Controller [A0]
Sound: ATI RV770 - High Definition Audio Controller
Network: Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Build 2600

29.03.2009, 18:43
Ive got this same problem. Ive now tested each of the 4.30.x version and everyone freezes after little while when you copy/install files from mounted image. Currently running 4.12.4 which seems to work without any problems.

Currently running with ACHI mode. Cannot test IDE option since that would require me to reinstall Windows to test(?).
You're running a single hdd, i.e. no RAID? Should be no problem to put it in IDE mode then.

06.04.2009, 18:53
Yes single HD but again as i tried to change it to "IDE", Windows wont load. It just reboots after few seconds it starts to load Windows. Sometime ago i was playing around with this stuff as i set RAID on my mini-server-pc-thing and i had to reinstall to get it to work (from IDE to RAID).

I dont have time to redo everything again, so i have to keep the old version and somehow manage. Hope this gets resolved eventually.

PS. Does anyone else have similar setup and is able to run the new version(s) with out problems?

13.04.2009, 14:10
so, what i must to do?

18.04.2009, 21:22
Found solution for my hangup/freeze after trying to read/copy from mounted image. The Gigabyte Energy Saver was causing the hangups for me. After killing the "GSvr" process from "task manager" everything worked without any problems.

13.05.2009, 03:03
Yes !!!

Thanks a lot comrade Mystiqq you solve my problem, it's seems that every gigabyte that come with that soft (gsvr.exe) have the same problem, donc load it and every install with daemon tools works fine.

thx, thx, thx, kisses : )) :D

25.08.2009, 14:32
...ok, here's my config

AMD Phenom II 955 BE (few days old, before AMD Athlon 64 6400+ X2 BE)
DFI LanParty DK 790FXB-M2RS
2x 320GB WD RAID0
1x 750GB WD
AMD 4870 512MB
SB Live 5.1 Digital

Had same problem of freezing Windows XP SP3 32bit system when trying to install something over Deamon Tools 4.30.1 version, well, problem is even bigger that I got my new CPU day before, & then the problem started, ...I was confused, well, it sometines freezed even when not installing, maybe something was in Deamon Tools, never checked...

Now I updatet to 4.30.4 version, & I'll see how is it going on...
Also, now I don't have RAID0 any more, I just installed on one WD320 system, other is free, but also freezed when using image in 4.30.1 version, that is when trying to install...

Hope this is my problem, cheers...

28.02.2011, 08:01
very nice and informative post i like it thanks for sharing...

12.07.2015, 10:39
I'm having the same problem...