View Full Version : AstroBurn 1.0.8 Crash

29.07.2008, 18:24
Hi together,
I burned a DVD with some files on it and checked "verify". After the DVD was successfully burned AstroBurn started to verify the disc and when it reaches 100% the application crashes.
The eventlog shows the following (in german):

Fehlerhafte Anwendung Astroburn.exe, Version, Zeitstempel 0x486b6535, fehlerhaftes Modul unknown, Version, Zeitstempel 0x00000000, Ausnahmecode 0xc0000005, Fehleroffset 0x00000000, Prozess-ID 0x6ec, Anwendungsstartzeit 01c8f1989eb0e69b.

And yes, it says Astroburn but i have installed. I uninstalled astroburn, made sure that there are no leftovers and installed it fresh with the setup files from Disc-Tools.com - Published Software Download (http://disc-tools.com/download/astroburn)
but still says

Can anybody help?

29.07.2008, 18:25
You renamed some files in project? If yes, it got already reported and fixed as far as i know.

29.07.2008, 20:28
yes I did. I renamed 2 or 3 files.
If it has been fixed, is there already a patch or do I have to wait for version

29.07.2008, 20:29
You have to wait for next version. Also don't ask for release date.

29.07.2008, 20:45
ok. fine. no problem.

21.08.2008, 03:06
Oh! I have the similar problem! Thank you for your information. It solve my issue.