View Full Version : No network drives in Astroburn browser

30.07.2008, 06:49
I have a couple of gigabit NAS boxes where I keep all my image files. I've used Nero to burn those images in the past. When I start Astroburn, only local disks show in the browser. Not even the mapped drives show up.

30.07.2008, 16:07
I will check this issue later.

BTW wrong forum.

30.07.2008, 16:39
I just checked in latest Astroburn (1.0.8) and my mapped network drive gets shown.

30.07.2008, 21:48
OK, then. Let's see where our systems differ:

Core2 Quad, 8 Gig RAM, RAID 0, Radeon 4850
Vista Ultimate x64 (latest patches applied)
Astroburn 1.0.8

31.07.2008, 06:57
When I went back to the machine and started Astroburn, the mapped drives were where they should be. Last time, when I wasn't seeing them, was when I hit the "run" button after the install.

But the results in the maped drives are unsorted! Sorted on the local drives and not sorted on the mapped drives.

31.07.2008, 18:43
You are right about sorting thing (not sorted after name or size). Will forward this bug to the devs.