View Full Version : Vista wont start

30.07.2008, 16:33
I just installed daemon tools, its promted me to restart. when i restarted, IT WONT START! I'm using Vista home premium

30.07.2008, 22:11
Can you boot into safe mode? When you see the message about SPTD.sys press ESCAPE on the keyboard to cancel loading it (this message appears during the first 10 seconds of loading windows in safe mode. It will appear while the screen is still black before the normal windows screens start to appear).

20.09.2008, 21:06
Also using home premium edition, problems surfaced immediately after the installation of daemon tools (I have since left the country for a few months, so i can`t remember the version of the installation file) .

I've used ERD commander 2005 to delete SPTD.sys and most of its keys in the registry (couldn't delete the subkey CONFIG due to some kind of access denied error). Has tried LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIG, safemode (no differences, terminates with startup repair, just like it would with a normal restart) and system restore (whose save points were subsequently auto-erased by windows, thankyou MS engenuity). The significant problem-signatures that I received from Auto startup repair is:

problem signature 03: 6
problem signature 04: 851981
problem signature 05/06: corruptfile
problem signature 07: 3221226017

please help, thankyou so much for your time and attention