View Full Version : Daemon tools f*ed my computer

31.07.2008, 08:05
what the hell? im sorry but after i downloaded daemon tools light, it told me to restart wich i did.. and what do i get? a blue screen, whats the deal with this program??? i had to use some debugger mode to make my computer work again.

31.07.2008, 19:45
Which OS do you have?
Which DT Lite version do you have installed?
You do have a minidump (%windir%\minidump)?

Also that restart thing is not directly from DT, it is from SPTD (Duplex Secure).

31.07.2008, 21:24
i use windows xp, and for that other stuff im not very sure about

31.07.2008, 21:28
v4.30.1 sorry for the double post

07.08.2008, 12:28
And what about dump files?
We cannot even say something without dump information.
Or the problem was resolved in some way?