View Full Version : Vista and DT 3.47 and 4.0

02.08.2008, 02:15
I was installing Alcohol which I guess uses DT 4.0 and during installation I rec'd the warning that the publisher could not be verified. I said install anyway and BSOD. Rebooted checked for solution. Message said that Vista Home Prem w/ SP 1 installed drivers are not compatible with DT 3.47 or 4.0. I am new to the 4um and I looked around through the FAQs and other forum subjects and couldn't find anything. did I do something wrong?

02.08.2008, 08:37
Install DT Lite 4.30.1.

02.08.2008, 21:29
Obsolete v3.47 and versions <4.06 are NOT Vista compatible anyway.

03.08.2008, 01:52
What they said. And regarding Alcohol, always download the latest trial version from the homepage. You likely got a very old trial download from somewhere, which - as you've noticed - was not Vista compatible.