View Full Version : Slow reading speed..

02.08.2008, 19:28
..its pretty slow to install anything from images. Any idea why?

Ive got ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe (790FX), 2x1GB OCZ 1066 ram, AMD 5000+ Black Edition, 640GB SeaGate SATA2 harddisc.

02.08.2008, 21:42
Are you installing from MDS images which contain DPM information?

04.08.2008, 01:44
Usually only simple ISO. Its my prefered format, cause almost any program "eats" it.

04.08.2008, 01:54
Hups, Ive forgot, Im using Vista Ultimate x86 and x64 (both SP1).

Now Im testing MagicDisc (its good if you come to obscure formats like .UIF or .DAA) and well, its working little bit faster, but not much.. still slow.

Ive tested my harddisc with ATTO and HDTach and its speed is ok. Btw. I had similar issue when backing up my movies from DVD (when I switched ripping to SPTI, it works fine, but not in default.. using DVDFab).

I guess its some kind of OS bug thing.. or I dont know.. :(

Thanks for help.

04.08.2008, 06:28
The latest version of DAEMON Tools has a maximum speed limit, but usually only triggered if you are mounting an image with DPM info. Perhaps you could test with an older version of DT if you want to pinpoint the cause.