View Full Version : WTF happened to Daemon Tools

03.08.2008, 18:19
I have been using Daemon Tools for years and I recently got a new laptop with Vista so I had to install a new version. During installation I see they now want to take control of my browser, I unchecked the box and hoped that would be the end of it, I was wrong. I understand ad supported software but why do they have to also sneak in a search bar and god knows what else with no option to disable it. I have been recommending this software to people for years but after this I'll never use or recommend it again. Underhanded tactics like these are unacceptable.

04.08.2008, 06:43
It got removed in latest DT Lite.

05.08.2008, 20:26
daemon tools what happened to u. you went and became the establishment you used to make fun of. i unistalled you're software but everytime i right click on highlighted text your little search daemon option is still there. :mad::mad::mad: i would like my search with google option back please. i am not that computer savy and really do not enjoy having to fix problems that should have never happened.

arg argh urg.