View Full Version : kernel mode error

04.08.2008, 18:52
When i try to mount any image i'm getting the "Unable to mount image. Unable to load file in kernel mode" error.

I am running DT lite 4.30.1 on Windows Server 2008; I'm trying to mount a standard ISO image that is located on a network share on a system running Windows Server 2003.

04.08.2008, 20:39
Already tried to copy that ISO image to local drive and then mounting?

You enabled a Kernel Debugger?

16.08.2008, 22:06
I have been having the same problem for a few months now as well. As far as i've noticed everyone having this problem has one thing in common: they are all trying to open files on a Windows 2003 R2 share.

What i've noticed:
- If there is another open connection to the same share (eg. you are copying a file from it) and you then try to mount an iso, it works BUT: the file you were copying is interupted.
- It sometimes works when just trying to mount thru DT. However it always fails when i try thru MediaPortal (which uses the command-line).

I think DT is somehow messing up the network connection.
I am having the problem on a CLEAN installed Vista x64, with only MediaPortal, codecs and drivers installed with it.