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06.08.2008, 00:00
The MD5 sum mentioned in the download section of the Deamon Tools homepage doesn't match the downloaded file.

I retrired several times on several days with both mirrors and always the same result.

Is the provided MD5 sum wrong or the downloaded file?

06.08.2008, 19:11
Which file you downloaded and which MD5 you have calculated?

07.08.2008, 21:03
I started on
==> Downloads ==> DAEMON Tools ==> DAEMON Tools Lite
This forwards me to
Disc-Tools.com - Published Software Download (http://www.disc-tools.com/download/daemon)
Then click on Download.

Download link was:

I calculated MD5 from daemon4301-lite.exe with Totalcommander and got:
7bf0801a88692df718fd976ae02943e5 *daemon4301-lite.exe
On - THE DAEMONS HOME (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/download.php?mode=ViewCategory&catid=5) the MD5 sum mentioned is
MD5-Checksum: 011DE6FE1D21AE1CF4540463CEA0D4CE

Also the file size doesn't match
Downloaded: 4.744.648 Bytes
instead of 3572 KB

08.08.2008, 19:04
You do have the correct file.

10.08.2008, 12:30
I've also just downloaded the installer from the mirror sites disk-tools.com and Disc-Tools.com - Published Software Download (http://www.disc-tools.com). These files also have an invalid MD5.
File properties from daemon-tools.cc:
MD5: 011DE6FE1D21AE1CF4540463CEA0D4CE
Size: 3572 KB
Release date: Wednesday, April 2 2008, 20:35

Downloaded file:
MD5: 6f8512526037f588d4df497e7965a424
Size: 4 743 112 bytes
Release date: August 08, 2008

A few issues here:
1. MD5 does not match
2. File size does not match
3. How should downloaders know that the mirror sites can be trusted? It would be a whole other deal if the redirect pointed to download.com or tucows.com.
4. This is the first time another site is used for download from the site. Download archive does not use a redirect.

Is daemon-tools.cc hacked or what?


ps. Don't get me wrong, I think that daemon tools is a great app, but this is something fishy here...

10.08.2008, 16:15
It isn't hacked, not just updated so far. Will be hopefully done the next days (can't promise something).

Since April 8th the correct checksum is:

MD5 : 6F8512526037F588D4DF497E7965A424
CRC-32 : BD6C4240

10.08.2008, 21:26
it was already adjusted to correct value, but a database-update
restored previous one. It's corrected now - thank you for notifying us

11.08.2008, 20:14
NP. Thanks for a great app.


06.01.2009, 22:48

I have again a MD5 (and file size) mismatch for version 4.30.3.

My MD5: 4f4abe635a57662510f55c3d65540a89
My Size: 7.321.032 Bytes

Daemon Tools page:
MD5-Checksum: DC10EB942C6995D137788ECB087D304B
Size: 7410 KB

Could you please check what's wrong.