View Full Version : Deamon Tools loose info about images opened after restart

06.08.2008, 20:04
Dear Sirs!

I have a problem.
I have Windows Vista 32 bit SP1
and the newest Daemon Tools Lite.
DT always forgot settings of images choosen.
No image is found after restart in context menu
and as a mounted CD, etc.

It may be possible because of Registry Virtualization.
Could you verify this problem, please?
This problem not exists on Windows XP on the same machine.


07.08.2008, 12:09
Hi Juji.PL
First of all, check Automount option in DT tray icon right-click menu -> Options.
And Yes the problem can be related to registry virtualization software, in case you use such software :)

08.08.2008, 00:50
Thank You!