View Full Version : Odd problem with DT +Vista SP1 x64 +resume from Standby

09.08.2008, 20:03
Hi im having this odd problem on my quite freshly installed
Vista Sp1 X64 rig.

DT Pro Advanced works like it should until i put the computer in S3 Standby. After resuming everything looks normal on the first sight. Image is still mounted, Drive is present in "My Computer" but as soon as i try to access the drive this will stall. When trying to remove images or do anything within DT it will stall for bout 2-3 minutes, after then DT Agent will close without error message, the virtual drive will disappear from "My Computer". I have to completely restart the VIDE Adapater in DT to get it working again using the main GUI of DT Pro.

I have no idea what this might be....

Its DT Pro Advanced latest version as stated on the main page, and no other DT was ever installed before on that
Vista. (Vista was installed fresh and instantly patched with
all updates and SP1 after installation). DT Pro was installed
way after all drivers and necessary apps were installed.

There is and was never any 3rd party anti-virus or firewall installed.

DT is fully registered.

13.08.2008, 22:00
*bump* anyone? doh?! Oo

It seems especially the dtagent process is the one crapping
out on me in this one...i shall not right click its icon after i
come back from standby or it will cause a lock on the ide adapter until i kill the process with task manager. After that
im able to restart the IDE Adapter.

29.08.2008, 00:53
Noone responding well i love talking to myself anyway.

It seems i have narrowed it down to a specific image file
that was in use when the problem occurs...something in its
topography information might be the cause for the problem.

Really weird.