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10.08.2008, 11:11
Hi All,

I'm keen to buy Daemon Tools Pro but would like to know if it is possible to save information as .isz format rather than .iso using the Pro software. I tired a trial version - Pro Basic - but couldn't find the faility there. Earliest response appreciated.


Dave J

10.08.2008, 11:21
you mean if DT Pro is capable to create .isz-files?

No, as DT Pro use for compressed images its native format,

We do not see the benefit to add another target-image-format
for that purpose.

Is there any specific reason for this? Any circumstance we
overlooked maybe? Can you specify why this .isz-image format
creation is important for you?

We continue to improve DT Pro more and more, (e.g. the
version you tested (trial) is even totally outdated and customer-
version look totally different now and much more professional (imho))

So its not impossible that we add this isz-creation support.

Mounting of such images is no problem even in current version
of course