View Full Version : Daemon tools installed boot data on wrong drive.

11.08.2008, 07:33
I went through the steps to install Daemon tools, restarted, and it could not boot because NTLDR was missing.

I had to change which hard drive I booted into, to the one that doesn't actually have my OS on it. Then it booted into the OTHER hard drive and continued fine. (Thank god)

I think this has to do with the fact that my c: drive is not actually my OS drive, d: is. c: is just data.

Just to let you guys know.

11.08.2008, 12:11
What exactly are you suggesting ?
Can it be that for some other reason your BIOS loaded safe/standard settings and in
the course of that changed your Boot settings ?

11.08.2008, 17:25
What made me originally post here was that the only large change I made to my system prior to this error was that I was restarting because of Daemon tools install. But now that I think about it, maybe windows originally installed the boot data on the wrong drive, just pointing to the correct one, and that restarting my computer caused my hard drive to not be recognized because it did not fully stop. :confused:

I hope this isn't the case because I would like to still be able to have an OS drive completely independant of my Data drive. Has anyone ever heard of this happening?