View Full Version : Changed hardware key by changing raid ?

17.08.2008, 13:35
Had one disk, now i have raid 0, deamon tools tells me the hardwarekey has changed !

Why is that and how do i solve this, reinstalling and revoking the old key does not work

17.08.2008, 13:46
You had a hardware change (new hdd) -> new hardware id

You revoked hardware key in your disc-soft account and then activated again, then the same message?

If yes, then PM me your email address you used at disc-soft, so we could check the issue.

17.08.2008, 16:16
Could you revoke both hardware keys as it seems the one you are revoking is currently in use (DT Pro is running).

18.08.2008, 01:05
I tried almost anything. Why do i get the old hardware key when i need a new one ?

Update: ok, not everything. Filling in the wrong email adres solved the problem. Then after filling in the wrong one, revoked the key and activated.
It worked.