View Full Version : DT 4.300 and 4.301 dont install any virtual drive

17.08.2008, 16:31
used version 4.10 before , all was fine.
uninstaled it by 4.301 installator , rebooted then instaled 4.301.
I see daemon.exe in Task manager after it , but i dont see any icons in system tray , dont see any drives in my computer , dont see any virtual drives in device manager.

Try'd 4.300 verison same problem , and try'd to reinstall SPTDinst-v156-x86.exe in process no changes.

Device manager -> http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/3982/92419291oz8.gif

17.08.2008, 19:54
You added a virtual drive through DT Pro Agent/Main window?

Also try build 302.

18.08.2008, 11:39
problem found and solved.

problem was in logitech keyboard driver\hooker SetPoint.exe.
Not compatible with DT :confused: