View Full Version : Problem /w virtual IDE drives on DT4.3adv & XP64

20.08.2008, 08:22
As title says, got a problem with WinXP-64sp2 and Daemon Tools v4.30.0302.0 Advanced. Installation on a fresh System went ok, but the IDE part refuses to work, is simply grey.

System is a Asus M3N72-D with a AMD Phenom 9350e, 4gigs of ram, 4 samsung hdds, an LG DVD-RAM drive, and for now no other components installed.
Not sure if it matters, but i had set the IDE settings of the mainboard to raid, so i could set up my raids to put my system on.

I wonder if it could be fixed by seperately installing the ide driver...

Would anyone have experienced a similar problem? Maybe have a solution?

20.08.2008, 10:24
vIDE is not supported in Windows XP x64 and Windows 2003 x64.
See note 1 at the comparison sheet:
Disc-Soft.com :: F.A.Q. (http://www.disc-soft.com/faq#faq01)

20.08.2008, 12:19
ah, well, thats me again :D
thanks for the quick reply