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28.01.2004, 17:18
HI by the way i just joined :D, i have questions about the images.Is there a way to add images to DAEMON Tools without a program like CloneCD etc? Is there any image programs that are for free? would someone gimme a link cause the ones in the DAEMON Manual doesent work for me.

28.01.2004, 18:14
Welcome to the forum!

Although I don't know which exactly there surely are such free programs. However you'll get the best results concerning copy protections only with programs like Alcohol 120%, with other, non-specialized programs you'll likely not be able to create a working image...

30.01.2004, 20:15
Thx for the welcome :D i am pretty new to DAEMON and not really sure how Alcohol 120% works yet but you can play games through .bin files without any image program right? (that's what i heared from a friend)

30.01.2004, 21:04
I hope not to be mistaken when I say the following:

First of all, Daemon Tools is NOT made to copy games, it is only made (in personnal use);
to backup bought copys of a game, or a program, I personnaly have backed up all of my games using Alcohol120% and by using the Game database available here (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/gamedb.php)

Different games/programs need different types of images to work if a protection system is used, seeing as the amount of protection systems existing, so refer to the list and you shall be fine, they are I think all integrated into Alcohol 120%.