View Full Version : v3.47 bluescreen with vista (i've already searched forums i have more questions)

20.08.2008, 18:35

i already replied to some tread but my reply got lost blalala, anyway, i installed what is apparently daemon tools v3.47 on my windows vista sp1 OS and soon after everything crashed. now i can't even boot up because after 1 second i immediately get a blue screen. now i've searched through the forums and all i read for solutions is: READ THIS FOR MANUAL INSTALL.. are you all complete computer geniuses here or something? how the heck am i supposed to understand what it says here???:


i mean, what does this even mean??: "1. Open device manager (SCSI/RAID Controllers section) and delete SCSI controller with name corresponding with name of Daemon driver (miniport driver name)."

what is this 'device manager'? what is the SCSI/RAID section?

also, step 3: "3. Find Daemon driver files in Windows\System32\Drivers folder
(in Win95/98/ME also check Windows\System\IOSUBSYS folder).
Make sure your system is configured to display system files (ControlPanel->Tools->FolderOptions->View) in order you can see them. Delete Daemon driver files."

how am i supposed to do this if i cant even access windows? all i have is the boot up screen (f12) and i have no idea how to work that.

can someone please explain to me a little more clearly how to get rid of this program without having to access windows? this is a terrible terrible situation :|

thank you

wilco lensink

20.08.2008, 21:37
Boot with your Windows dvd into recovery console, then disable mentioned v3.47 driver files, i.e. enter disable d347bus.sys etc., then exit to reboot.
Actually Vista should've blocked installation of obsolete non-Vista-compatible Daemon Tools version anyway.
Do NOT install Daemon Tools <v4.06 in Vista!