View Full Version : DT hotkey BUG (missing tray icon problem)

21.08.2008, 17:46
New DT feature "hotkeys" have serious compatibility problems with other similar programs with hotkey function like Logitech driver , Ati drivers and many other.
I try to explain , sorry for my English
If we run those other programs before DT , then we got "missing tray icon" problem.
In older versions of DT where we dont have hotkey option we dont have same problems.

If you need certain name of programs here two of them
ATKKBService.exe - Asus ATK Keyboard Service
SetPoint.exe - Logitech keyboard driver

23.08.2008, 14:29
i think you have to be sure that no double assignment on hotkeys exist..

27.08.2008, 12:08
bizid, please, let us know your DT version.